Photo: Tine Surel Lange

Tine Surel Lange

Vestfold Kunstsenter Saturday 6.11
12:00–14:00 (video/sound art)

Tine Surel Lange
Desert Creatures (2017)

Arctic landscapes, surrounding sounds, mythologies, and sound choreography are some of the inspirations that shape the works by the Norwegian composer and interdisciplinary artist Tine Surel Lange (b. 1989, Vesterålen, Norway). Based in Lofoten, Northern Norway, her work is rooted in organic material – with a focus on listening, space, and how connotations color how we listen to and experience art. Lately, she has been focused on 3D sound, sounding objects, sound for scenic productions, and creating conceptual works for sound and image – fascinated by magical realism and the coming doom of the human race.

Surel Lange’s works have been presented in Europe, North America, and Asia. She’s been working with electro-acoustic compositions at institutions like CCRMA (US), EMS (SE), Notam (NO) and MISC (LT).
She has worked with musicians and ensembles like asamisimasa (NO), aksiom Ensemble (NO), Alpaca Ensemble (NO), BIT20 (NO), Collective Lovemusic (FR), Chordos String Quartet (LT), Jakob Bangsø, Lydenskab (DK), Oslo 14 (NO), Marco Fusi (IT), MolOt (RU), Siggi String Quartet (IS), SISU Percussion Ensemble (NO), and Parallax (NO).

About Desert Creatures
“Evolution is taking place and as we change (and possibly destroy) the fundamental of our life on this planet a new species is taking form – welcoming these changes as their fundamental for life. What we describe as environmental disasters are potential feeding grounds for the new species.”

Tine Surel Lange is concerned with the climate crisis and her current works are saturated in the fear of environmental destruction as well as the new opportunities and life forms that might evolve from that. “Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea” is a continuation of an ongoing project; an audiovisual extravaganza with magic realist flourishes.