Photo: Cedric Archer

Elfi Sverdrup

Støperiet Friday 5.11
Performance 20:40–20:50

Elfi Sverdrup grew up with the folk traditions in Vestfold and went from being almost mute to burst out into mastering traditional Norwegian, Sami, Inuit and Tuvinian vocal expressions combined with extended vocal techniques. Sound compositions, improvisations, body sculptures, states of mind and movements are parts of her performances. Sverdrup participates in multiple constellations and she has performed at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, GAS International Contemporary Music Festival in Sweden, Oslo International Poetry Festival, WAG- World Art Games in Croatia, Montenegro and Slovakia, KRUG Movement in Bulgaria, Women on the edge of Iceland, Ege International Art Week in Turkey, International Folklore Festival BALTICA. Sverdrup also collaborates with poets, theatre makers, musicians and rebels continuously and is the receiver of Hans Christian Ostrø’s Memory Prize 2021 – awarded to artists who build bridges between cultures.

Photo: Svein André Svendsen